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Coffee Accessories Shop

Welcome to the Accessories Shop! We have collected some of the most useful coffee-related accessories we could find, including those necessary to extract the optimum flavor and to authentically recreate the Vietnamese café experience.

Although we have a separate Tea Accessories Shop, you will find many of these items listed in both shops. This is because they can be used equally well for both Coffee and Tea. If you enjoy both beverages, you will find these solutions to be extremely convenient and cost-effective.

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"Phin" Single-Cup Coffee Brewer
- Authentic Vietnamese café style

Stainless steel Vietnamese single-cup brewer (called a Phin), 4 piece kit with instructions. This little filter is perfect for brewing a single cup of intense, delicious coffee in the traditional way (6-7 ounces, typically). When guests visit, give them the authentic coffeehouse experience by using a separate filter and cup for each person and addding sweetened condensed milk. We now offer larger capacity Phins as well.

Detailed measurements are available here.

Watch Our Own Video Instructions

Stainless Steel Filter Set, 4 piece set with instructions:

Steel Vietnamese phin filter brewer

Extra-Large 15oz Phin Coffee Brewer
- Authentic Vietnamese style

The same intense coffee, the same ease of use and cleanup--but now you can make 15 ounces at a time! Brews in the exact same drip method as a regular Phin. Makes two servings (or one BIG serving) of strong hot coffee, or a whole pitcher of iced coffee.

Measurements and instructions are here.

Watch Our Own Video Instructions

Stainless Steel Filter Set, 4 piece set with instructions:

Steel Vietnamese phin filter brewer

Single-Use Filterbags
- also useful for tea

These convenient little filterbags are, essentially, do-it-yourself teabags. Intriguingly, these little bags can also be used to brew coffee. Just put in a rounded tablespoonful of ground coffee for a cup (or more for a large mug) and brew in a cup of hot water for four-five minutes. No mess, no cleanup, no machine. You can even fill teabags with your favorite coffee in the morning and then take them to work with you for your morning coffee break!

Single-Use Filterbags - Quantity 60


Single-Use filterbags for coffee or tea

Multipurpose Wire Mesh Strainer
- also useful for tea

These wire mesh strainers are useful for a variety of purposes. We find this to be an indispensable tool for people who like to fiddle with their own brewing experiments, like cold-brewing in bottles, pot brewing, sun tea, etc. These fine strainers are designed to place across the opening of a mug, teacup, or teapot, and hold the tea leaves or coffee grounds while brewing. Also, they can be used to strain coffee grounds out of cold-brewed coffee. The strainer is also reuseable, unlike cloth or paper filters.

Select Size and Type:

Note: Quantities are limited in some sizes. For large orders, please contact us first to be sure we can procure enough for you.

Multipurpose wire mesh strainer

French Coffee Press
- also useful for tea

The French-style Coffee Press is a method of brewing coffee that allows maximum circulation for maximum flavor. We like this particular model because it can be completely disassembled for ease of cleaning, and the plunger is well-designed for a long life. French Press brewing produces results as flavorful as the little single-cup filter, but in larger quantity for when one cup just won't do. It can also be used to brew tea via the exact same method. Exceptional flavor, easy brewing, easy clean-up, and no paper filters.

For easy-to-follow video instructions, click here.

French Coffee Presses
(Styles vary, please see pictures)

  • Glass and Stainless Steel:
  • Glass, Stainless Steel, and Plastic:

French coffee press or coffee plunger
Glass and Steel Presses

French coffee press or coffee plunger
Glass, Steel, and Plastic Press
(Click to see larger pictures)

Coffee Grinder

Macina Coffee Grinder

Want to try whole bean coffee but don't have a grinder? Want to buy whole bean coffee as a gift but not sure if your friend has a grinder? This is a perfect grinder that is ideal for small volume grinding, such as for homes and small offices. We have tried burr grinders, and find that they tend to clog when grinding Vietnamese beans; this is a steel blade grinder that is easy to clean and works fine with the special roast of Vietnamese coffee. The white exterior of the grinder works with any decor.

Machina Coffee Grinder

We're sorry, we are sold out of the Macina grinders at this time.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk
- Authentic Vietnamese café style coffee

Sweetened Condensed Milk is evaporated milk with sugar added, resulting in a thick, sweet syrup. Anyone looking to try authentic Ca Phe Sua Da - Vietnamese-style iced coffee - will need sweetened condensed milk to complete the experience. However, most brands in the USA are too sweet and not creamy enough to give you a really "true" café experience.

Condensed Milks that we have tested and found perfect for coffee:

Longevity brand is a more traditional Vietnamese condensed milk with a stronger flavor.

Longevity Gold is a creamier, more buttery version of Longevity condensed milk.

Baker's Choice is milder in flavor and more affordable.

If you aren't sure which to buy, click here for more information.

Longevity Sweetened Condensed Milk, 14 oz can


Baker's Corner Sweetened Condensed Milk

Temporarily out of stock! May we suggest the Longevity instead? It's delicious!

Longevity Sweetened Condensed Milk Longevity Sweetened Condensed Milk GOLD Baker's Corner Sweetened Condensed Milk


Philippines "Blonde" Muscovado Sugar
- perfect for coffee!

Muscovado sugar is made from sugar cane juice and contains all the natural flavor and minerals, like Demerara sugar. However, blonde Muscovado processing gives it many advantages over both Demerara and conventional, dark Muscovado:

  • Finer grain: melts easily in beverages and mixes smoothly into recipes
  • Light, dry texture: Does not harden the way brown sugar and dark Muscovado does
  • Pure flavor: Delicious but not overpowering, making it perfect for coffee
  • Ideal for cooking, too: Can be substituted 1:1 for brown sugar

How This Special Sugar Is Made...

This Muscovado is made the old fashioned way with Kalamansi (a tiny native lime) and fresh coconut milk. First the sugar cane is cut/harvested by hand. It is washed and then chopped, soaked and pressed to extract the juice from the sugar cane. This juice is heated with a little lime juice added. They also cut coconuts off the trees, grate the coconut meat and press out fresh coconut milk, which is sprinkled into the heating cane juice. This keeps the juice from foaming as it heats. The resulting Muscovado is actually about 0.2% coconut milk. The process is similar to making fudge. Once this cane juice becomes thick and crystallizes, it is poured into coconut shells or cups where it finishes solidifying by sun drying. The dried cane juice is then pounded to yield a natural, moist, unrefined sugar. This gives it its fine, irregular texture.

The sugar is hand-boiled at a small sugar mill that employs underprivileged women. The sugar is richer in minerals than regular sugar, making it a healthy choice, as well as an ethical one.

Try it with vanilla! Our vanilla sugar includes a 2" piece of natural vanilla bean in packed in the bag. It's fragrant and deliciously vanilla-flavored, and amazing as a topping for fruit, cereal, or toast, too!

Customer testimonial:
"My wife and I became used to enjoying what is called mascabado sugar (same as "muscavado") while living in Mexico but this organic product from the Phillippines is superior in both texture and flavor. Truly the best sugar we have ever had!"
- Kevin K, Colorado

Blonde Muscovado Sugar

We're sorry, we are out of the Muscavado Sugar until we receive a new shipment from the Philippines, expected Mid-May.
Want us to email you when it's back in stock?

Muscovado sugar, 16 oz
Click to enlarge

Keurig Compatible

EZ-Cup for Keurig
- by Perfect Pod

Our favorite all-around Keurig-compatible device for brewing Vietnamese coffee. Combines the ease-of-use of the My K-Cup with the quality brew of the My-Kap because the paper filter slows down the brewing process to the proper speed. Save 50 cents or more per cup and brew the coffee you want, not the coffee Green Mountain wants you to buy! See our instructional video on the detail page.

EZ-Cup for Keurig Machines:

  • 50 Paper Filters: $5.95

EZ-Cup reusable K-Cup coffee filter

My-Kap for Keurig K-Cup Machines

The new My-Kap is an innovative little device that fits over the top of an existing K-Cup, enabling you to re-use the Cup several times. Each time, you can fill it with your choice of coffees, including our delicious Vietnamese coffees.

Each My-Kap comes with detailed, illustrated instructions on using, storing and cleaning it, but after using it once, you will find it delightfully intuitive and simple to use. Also included is a little tool that helps get the My-Kap back off of the K-Cup after using it.

While Keurig's own My K-Cup does not require the used K-Cup and many customers like it, we have found the My-Kap easier to use, store, and clean, and we prefer the flavor of the coffee brewed with the My-Kap.

My-Kaps and Removal Tools
  • One My-Kap with one Removal Tool: $6.95 $3.00
  • Two My-Kaps with two Removal Tools: $11.95 $5.95
  • Three My-Kaps with three Removal Tools: $16.95 $8.50
  • Four My-Kaps with four Removal Tools: $21.95 $11.00
Temporarily out of stock.

Reusable K-Cup coffee filter