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G7 Gourmet Instant Coffee

g7 white instant comes in several sizes Free Sample Available!

What is gourmet instant coffee? Put simply, it's coffee that tastes as rich, full and satisfying as a brewed cup - in fact, we have plenty of customers who prefer these instants to any brewed coffee on taste alone, never mind the incredible convenience. G7 instant coffee is extracted directly from the coffee bean, which gives a better cup of coffee than conventional freeze-dried coffee crystals.

The Asian instant coffee market has dozens of fiercely competing coffees. The coffees that rise to the top are the very best, the creme de la creme of instant coffees, and we are proud to bring the top instant coffees in all of Asia here to the United States.

3-in-1 Coffee is the most popular kind of instant, because it contains a very good creamer as well as sweetener in perfect proportion. All our instant coffees contain NO ingredients from China. Brio and G7 Original contain small amounts of casein, a milk derivative, and G7 Cappuccino contains skim milk powder. If you have a milk or coconut allergy, we recommend G7 Pure Black coffee as the safest choice.

Important: 1 packet of G7 makes 6 ounces of coffee, and 1 packet of Brio makes 8 ounces of coffee. If you want to make a big mug, use two packets for best results.

Still not sure? You can get a free sample of G7 instant coffee with any order! You deserve to try the very best instant coffee, so why not get a free sample today?

G7 Instant Original 3-in-1

The original and still the top seller! G7 was the first instant coffee to be extracted directly from the unroasted coffee bean, not from freeze-dried brewed coffee like American brands. It's been the top instant coffee in Asia ever since its creation in 2002. The 3-in-1 version of G7 has coffee, creamer and sugar all in one packet... you just add hot water. The sweetness is about average for most coffee consumers, it is approximately as sweet as two sugar packets. If you would like to add your own cream and/or sugar, consider the G7 Black below, which is 100% coffee only.

G7 comes in two shapes, elegant Café Sticks (long, narrow, single-serving packets) and Sachets (flat, rectangular, single-serving packets). Please note: The café sticks are the exact same product as the sachets, it is just a different packaging.

G7 is shipped in export packaging for three different global regions and domestic packaging for Asia. The product is the same regardless of packaging version. The export product also lists the name of the 3-in-1 as "Coffeemix", which is less confusing for international buyers. At this time we are shipping G7 in the export packaging for the 18-stick, and the domestic packaging for all the other currently available sizes. (We purchase whichever version is more available and provides the best economy for our customers.)

Contains casein, a milk derivative.

Currently available:

  • (Approx. 32¢ per serving)

  • (Approx. 31¢ per serving)

  • (Approx. 30¢ per serving)

G7 3-in-1 instant coffee sachet
G7 3-in-1 instant coffee stick

G7 Gu-Manh X2: 3-in-1 Instant Coffee in Extra-Large Servings

X2 is the same formula as regular G7 (we've taste-tested and can't tell the difference), but each packet contains 25 grams of instant coffee powder instead of the usual 16 grams. As a result, each packet makes 60% more coffee, enough for a hearty 8oz cup. Use two packets to fill a big 16oz travel mug!

If you, like so many of our customers, have wished G7 made a bigger cup of coffee, then this is the answer. It's a better value, too, ounce-for-ounce, so you save money if you've been using multiple regular G7s to fill your mug.

FYI: Regular G7 makes about 5oz. X2 makes about 8oz. A mug holds ~10oz. A big travel mug, like the kind you take along in the car, is usually 16oz. So, whether you should get G7 Original or G7 X2 depends on the size of the container you normally drink out of.

Contains casein, a milk derivative.

G7 Gu-Manh X2: Extra-Large Instant Coffee
- excellent value! 60% larger serving size!


G7 Gu Manh X2 extra-large instant coffee

G7 Passiona / Sugarfree: Sugar-Free 3-in-1 Instant Coffee with Collagen

Trung Nguyen has translated their hugely popular, naturally low-caffeine Passiona coffee into a delicious instant coffee! It's a 3-in-1 coffee, which means it has non-dairy creamer and is sweetened with low-calorie sweetener. The coffee has a slightly different taste from regular G7, too, partly because of the naturally low-caffeine coffee beans used.

Export versus Domestic: What's the difference?

The difference is just the packaging.

Click here to learn more about the taste, ingredients, and nutrition.

Passiona Sugar-Free 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

    Box of 14 packets, $5.95

    Bag of 22 sachets, $7.50

    We're sorry, we are currently out of stock on the Export bag of 22 sachets.


G7 low caffeine passiona
Domestic packaging

The Instant Entertainer

A collection of our best instant coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate mixes, perfect for anytime you (or your guests!) need a gourmet cup without the fuss of brewing.

Two Sizes Available!

Original Entertainer (pictured above): Contains 24 Original G7 3-in-1 instant coffee, 5 G7 Pure Black instant coffee, 6 G7 Cappuccino Hazelnut, and 6 G7 Cappuccino Mocha, plus a 12 packets of Indochine's premium hot chocolate mix, perfect for the cold weather. All together, this is 53 cups of instant deliciousness.

Mini-Entertainer (pictured below): Contains 8 Original G7 3-in-1 instant coffee, 5 G7 Pure Black instant coffee, and 3 of each flavor of G7 instant cappuccino (Mocha and Hazelnut), plus 2 packets of each flavor of Indochine's premium hot chocolate mix (Original and Mint). Perfect host/hostess gift, also ideal for gift swaps and Secret Santa. Packed in a gold foil box with clear lid.

The Instant Entertainer
Packed in a box, as shown:

Packed loose:

New! Mini-Entertainer
Packed in gold-linen gift box:


Click an image to view larger

G7 Instant Cappuccino

Hazelnut G7 Cappuccino
Mocha G7 Cappuccino

Flavored G7 in a larger packet size with more creamer to produce a rich, creamy, satisfying cappuccino with a layer of froth on top. This is a really special drink unlike anything we've ever tried. The packet size makes a slightly larger cup of coffee than the regular G7. The flavors are pleasant but not overpowering, with less sugar and less fat than other cappuccino mixes, so it's healthier, too.

Hazelnut Cappuccino is rich and satisfying, with a uniquely "tropical" take on traditional Hazelnut.

Mocha Cappuccino is lightly enhanced with cocoa.

Contains skim milk powder, NOT from China.

Select Flavor:

  • - Mocha is temporarily sold out, sorry!

g7 instant cappuccino is healthier and better-tasting that leading cappuccino mixes g7 instant cappuccino is healthier and better-tasting that leading cappuccino mixes

G7 Pure Black Instant

Black G7 for those who prefer their coffee black, or simply prefer to add their own cream and/or sugar to their coffee. The black G7 is also able to dissolve in cold water for an iced coffee.

The Black G7 was the inspiration for Starbucks Via gourmet instant coffee. Starbucks has created the world's SECOND dry-roasted instant coffee, but we feel, and our taste tastes reveal, that people prefer the original G7 Black, at a fraction of the cost.

G7 Pure Black Instant Coffee


G7 3-in-1 instant black sachet

Indochine's Brio 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

Indochine's 3-in-1 formula (coffee, creamer, sugar) is different from G7 Instant 3-in-1 in several ways. First, Brio 3-in-1 comes in a 30-gram packet (versus 16 grams for G7). Each packet makes an average 8-ounce serving, which 33% more than the 6-ounce serving size of G7.

Also, the Brio 3-in-1 is a darker roast and stronger coffee. It's hard to compare and rate brands for consumers, as so much of the taste is subjective. But the Brio 3-in-1 has already gained its own enthusiastic fans because of its different formula. Please note: the packets are shipped "loose" (in a bag, not a box).

Contains casein, a milk derivative.

Indochine Instant Coffee 3-in-1
(Coffee, creamer, sugar)
- these thirty-gram packets make a larger cup!


Indochine Estates Brio Instant Coffee Mix

Indochine's Brio Chocolate Mix

We find the Brio Mint Creamy Chocolate Mix to be a perfect and pure, all-natural taste experience. Its rich flavor comes from using only the finest ingredients, including New Zealand milk, with nothing artificial. It's head and shoulders above other cocoa mixes we've tried.

These 30-gram packets are large enough to make a mug-size serving (10-11 ounces) with nothing added to it but hot water.

Love mocha? Try mixing a packet of Brio chocolate with a packet of our gourmet instant coffee and 8 ounces of water!

Actual customer comment:

"Len ~ The mint hot chocolate is as satisfying as eating a whole sleeve of Girl Scout mint cookies! Thanks for turning me on to it! Bestest, Tina"

Brio Creamy Chocolate Mix:


Indochine Estates Brio Instant Cocoa Mix

Q-Café Instant Coffee

If you enjoy gourmet instant coffee, you shouldn't miss Q-Café. Q-Café instant coffee is remarkably creamy and rich, with its own unique buttery mouthfeel. In taste-tests, it's tied with G7 Original as a customer favorite.

Q-Café instant coffee comes in two blends, the Good Morning and the Strong Taste:

Strong Taste (Ngon): Strong Taste has an extra-bold flavor profile and a slight bitter edge, and is comparable to G7 in its sweetness. Strong Taste also has a distinctly chocolatey aroma with caramel flavor tones.

Good Morning: This cheerful blend is sweeter (but not too sweet) and creamier, extra-buttery in feel and aroma, a rich and mellow cup. New Englanders will recognize the profile as "coffee regulah," a morning tradition of smooth coffee with plenty of cream and sugar.

Contains casein, a milk derivative.

Q-Cafe Instant 3-in-1 Coffee

  • Good Morning, 24 sachets: $6.95
  • Strong Taste, 24 sachets: $6.95

G7 Instant Espresso

Note: This is a great product, but it is currently unavailable due to issues with the supplier. We don't know when we will have it back in stock again. Apologies!

Real, authentic-tasting and -smelling instant espresso! Each packet makes one shot of impressively potent espresso, with a perfect head of crema.

The coffee is dark and strong, with an intense initial punch of flavor that turns into a smooth and pleasantly lingering finish. The taste is authentically G7, and fans of the brand will recognize the coffee they love. This would make a great base for a latte, cappuccino, or cafe Americano.

G7 Instant Espresso

Sorry, we are sold out of this trial order. Our customers seem to love it. We will place a new larger order this spring and then make this product a regular item in the store!

G7 Espresso