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Highlands Coffee

highlands coffees

Highlands Coffee specializes in traditional and authentic Vietnamese coffees. Rare and uniquely Vietnamese coffee variaties are lovingly cultivated and then processed using traditional methods for fully-developed flavor.

Don't miss the pods, either - they are a valuable convenience not only for ESE pod machines, but as individually-measured servings of espresso, eliminating the error-prone process of measuring your own espresso shot.

Moka Blend

Moka is a rare Arabica varietal that has been 'rediscovered'. This tiny, round-shaped bean is superb in body and flavor, partly due to dry processing (sun ripening), that brings out the fabulous chocolate, vanilla, nutty tones and aromatics that makes this a truly gourmet delight. Low in acid but bright in flavor, with smooth, full body, this is a unique coffee that will give enjoyment on many levels.

Note: On our newest shipment, Highlands doubled the wholesale price on this rare coffee. We do our best to keep the price as low as we can, but this time a moderate price increase was unavoidable. Thank you for understanding.

If you're interested in rare species of coffee, check out our Heirloom Coffee Paradise Blends!

Moka Blend:

We're sorry, but we are temporarily sold out of Moka.

Highlands Coffee moka

Decaffeinated Espresso

This blended espresso is a DeCaf that spares no expense in bean selection and highest grade of water process decaffeination. Highlands maintains an in-house water process facility devoted entirely to producing this one superior decaf coffee. If you have ever wished for a decaf espresso that cannot be detected as decaf, this is the one. Soundly beats most regular espressos on flavor and satisfaction.

Available as pods:


Highlands Coffee decaffeinated espresso

Ready-to-Drink Coffee

Innovative ready-to-drink coffees from Highlands Coffee allow you to have the full Vietnamese iced coffee experience as easily as you can open a can of soda. Strong, dark, full-bodied Vietnamese coffee is prepared as the traditionally sweet and creamy Ca Phe Sua.

Highlands Coffee took two years to perfect the process of producing perfect, fresh-brewed Vietnamese coffee in an easy-open can. Just keep the can in your refrigerator or cold case and pop the top to be transported to a Vietnamese café, enjoying a perfect iced coffee made from genuine Highlands Coffee. It is refreshing straight from the can when chilled, poured over ice, or used as a base in a coffee-based drink recipe.

The coffee is brewed fresh in the can, and vastly outperforms Starbucks and other leading bottled coffee drinks in our taste-tests. For more information, please visit the Ready to Drink Coffee page.

Two Varieties Available:

  • We're sorry, Highlands Coffee has discontinued the Black and we have run out of stock.

highlands ready to drink

Heritage Blend

The Heritage Blend is created from indigenously developed Robusta stocks that originated almost a century ago. These are the prized Robusta beans that Italian espresso makers use for their 80/20 blends. Unlike any other Robusta in the world, this dry process, sun-ripened coffee is bold and delicious and never bitter. Very high in caffeine.

Heritage Blend:

We're sorry, but we are sold out of Heritage Blend and do not expect to restock anytime soon. May we suggest Trung Nguyen Creative Two as a substitute?

Highlands Coffee heritage blend

Single-Cup Coffee Brewer
- Authentic Vietnamese café style

stainless steel vietnamese coffee filter

Although Highlands coffees brew well in regular drip coffeemakers and French presses, we also offer the Vietnamese-style Phin filter for those wishing to re-create an authentic café experience. Coffee is made one cup at a time in these single-serving brewers, usually over sweetened condensed milk, and results in an intense cup of strong, rich coffee.

Browse a variety of Phin filters in our Accessories shop!


To purchase Highlands Coffees in Australia, please visit Dynamic Foods.