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Indochine Estates Coffee

Indochine grows authentic Bourbon Arabica in the Cau Dat (also known as Da Lat) Highlands region of central Vietnam. All Indochine coffees are shade-grown and environmentally responsible. Their instant cocoa is similarly uncompromising in its quality, consisting of only four ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, New Zealand milk powder, and vanilla.

We no longer offer regular Indochine Estates coffee. We're sorry for any disappointment, but ongoing difficulties with shipping and stocking their coffees have made it impossible for us to keep them in stock. We still have their delicious instant coffee and chocolate mix!

Indochine's Brio 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

We have recently received a shipment of Indochine's newest 3-in-1 formula (coffee, creamer, sugar). This mix is different from G7 Instant 3-in-1 in several ways. First, Brio 3-in-1 comes in a 30-gram packet (versus 16 grams for G7). Each packet makes an average 10-ounce serving, which is almost double the 6-ounce serving size of G7 (Euro and Asian cup size standard is 6 ounces).

Also, the Brio 3-in-1 is a darker roast and stronger coffee. It's hard to compare and rate brands for consumers, as so much of the taste is subjective. But the Brio 3-in-1 has already gained its own enthusiastic fans because of its different formula.

Indochine Instant Coffee 3-in-1
(Coffee, creamer, sugar)
- these thirty-gram packets make a larger cup!


Indochine Estates delicious creamy instant coffee

Indochine's Brio Chocolate Mix

We recently sampled Indochine's other Brio items, and were delighted to find the Brio Creamy Chocolate Mix. Its pure and rich flavor comes from using only the finest ingredients, including New Zealand milk, with nothing artificial. It's head and shoulders above other cocoa mixes we've tried.

Brio Creamy Chocolate Mix:


Indochine Estates Brio Instant Cocoa Mix