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Indochine Estates Coffee

If you like Indochine's regular coffee, try their line of delicious instant coffee and chocolate mix!

Indochine grows authentic Bourbon Arabica in the Cau Dat (also known as Da Lat) Highlands region of central Vietnam. All Indochine coffees are shade-grown and environmentally responsible. These heirloom Cau Dat Bourbon beans are exceptionally aromatic and rich, possessing a fullness of flavor that has been lost in modern, overbred Arabicas. Their pure Bourbon Arabica coffees are an ideal place to start if you are trying Vietnamese coffee for the first time, as they are very accessable to the American palate.

We know the Indochine Estates family personally and have seen pictures of both the estates and the surrounding communities. We are proud to support these independent coffee producers, the good work they do for their community, and their amazing coffee.

In addition to their smooth and aromatic pure Bourbon Arabica coffees, Indochine also produces several blended coffees in the authentic Vietnamese tradition. These coffees have a darker, more complex flavor, and handle cream particularly well.

Want to know more about Indochine Estates? Read the Letter from the Director about their history and growing practices.

Indochine Gold
- exclusive blend!

Commissioned exclusively for us by Indochine Estates, the Gold Blend is a fabulous mix of high-altitude, shade-grown Robusta Peaberry, Dalat Bourbon Arabica, and rare Excelsa beans. It's designed to be an accessible and rich-tasting coffee, a crowd-pleaser for our own customers. Because this is a product prepared especially for us, we can offer it at a very reasonable price.

Indochine Gold


Indochine Estates Coffee Gold Blend

Indochine's Brio Sun Blend

Designed as a breakfast coffee, the Sun Blend is popular in many Vietnamese resorts and is sure to start the day right. A blend of Bourbon Arabica, Excelsa, and Highland Peaberries, the Sun Blend is bright and pleasant, with a chocolaty aftertaste.

Indochine Sun Blend


Indochine Estates Coffee Brio Sun Blend

Indochine Dark

The Cau Dat Highlands adopted the French art of preparing coffee more than one hundred years ago. Today, they prefer their coffee dark, velvety and sweet. This prized blend of signature Bourbon Arabica, Excelsa, and premium highland Peaberries is full-bodied and nutty, with a hint of brown sugar, and ices fabulously, too. We have sampled this coffee to the local market to an overwhelmingly positive result.

Indochine Dark

  • Ground is out of stock.

Indochine Estates Coffee Dark

Indochine's Le Marais French Roast 

A true French Roast (not charbroiled!), Le Marais is substantial in body, bold and bittersweet, yet smooth. It's mostly Bourbon Arabica coffee with a small percentage of Excelsa and Buon Me Thuot Peaberry, sure to please the French Roast connoisseur.

Indochine French Roast


Indochine Estates Coffee Le Marais French Roast

Indochine D'Annam Espresso

The D'Annam Espresso from Indochine was commissioned by us for our personal tastes. For over a decade now, award-winning espressos from Italy have relied on a secret ingredient: Highland Robusta from Vietnam (written up in 2009 in the memoires of a famous consultant to the Italian espresso industry).

We asked Indochine Estates to add 20% high-altitude Robusta into their Indochine Espresso, shown above. Similar in all other respects, the D'Annam Blend features a broader, bolder taste while still retaining the original natural sweetness and buttery mouthfeel of Bourbon Arabica. We have espresso aficionados traveling 50 miles to purchase our trial runs of this espresso, and now we have our first full production run.

We feel that this may be the finest espresso in the world in terms of broad and balanced flavor, natural sweetness, yet bold profile, and exceptional crema.

Indochine D'Annam Espresso


Indochine Estates D'Annam Espresso

Indochine's Brio 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

We have recently received a shipment of Indochine's newest 3-in-1 formula (coffee, creamer, sugar). This mix is different from G7 Instant 3-in-1 in several ways. First, Brio 3-in-1 comes in a 30-gram packet (versus 16 grams for G7). Each packet makes an average 10-ounce serving, which is almost double the 6-ounce serving size of G7 (Euro and Asian cup size standard is 6 ounces).

Also, the Brio 3-in-1 is a darker roast and stronger coffee. It's hard to compare and rate brands for consumers, as so much of the taste is subjective. But the Brio 3-in-1 has already gained its own enthusiastic fans because of its different formula. Please note: We were shipped the Brio 3-in-1 packets prior to production of the outer box, so the packets are shipped "loose".

Indochine Instant Coffee 3-in-1
(Coffee, creamer, sugar)
- these thirty-gram packets make a larger cup!


Indochine Estates delicious creamy instant coffee

Indochine's Brio Chocolate Mix

We recently sampled Indochine's other Brio items, and were delighted to find the Brio Creamy Chocolate Mix. Its pure and rich flavor comes from using only the finest ingredients, including New Zealand milk, with nothing artificial. It's head and shoulders above other cocoa mixes we've tried.

Brio Creamy Chocolate Mix:


Indochine Estates Brio Instant Cocoa Mix

Single-Cup Coffee Brewer
- Authentic Vietnamese café style

stainless steel vietnamese coffee filter

Although Indochine coffees brew extremely well in regular drip coffeemakers and French presses, we also offer the Vietnamese-style Phin filter for those wishing to re-create an authentic café experience. Coffee is made one cup at a time in these single-serving brewers, usually over sweetened condensed milk, and results in an intense cup of strong, rich coffee.

Browse a variety of Phin filters in our Accessories shop!