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philippines mountains
Taal Volcano Crater Lake, Philippines


A unique and irreplacable part of our worldwide coffee heritage, Liberica is an entirely separate species of coffee. Its almond-shaped beans have an exceptional aroma, almost floral and fruity, while its flavor is full and slightly smokey. We guarantee you have never tasted anything like this rare and exotic coffee.

Liberica is a vanishing species of coffee that is only now being brought back from the brink of extinction, and your purchase supports conservation of both the coffee and the forests where it grows.

 Urgent update:  Liberica is once again in danger of extinction. Many Liberica farms are replacing their pure Liberica trees with shorter, more convenient-to-harvest hybrid coffees. We fear that soon the wild Liberica trees will be the only ones left!

We have to get our precious, dwindling supply via airplane. Scarcity and transportation expense have forced us to raise the price of Liberica. This price represents the real, honest cost of this rare bean.

Now, more than ever, your purchase of Liberica is saving the entire species from extinction. Help us protect coffee biodiversity and preserve this irreplaceable part of our world's coffee heritage!

100% Liberica Coffee

Philippines rice terraces

100% Liberica Coffee

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Authentic 100% Liberica coffee! Liberica's almond-shaped beans have an exceptional aroma, almost floral and fruity, while its flavor is full and slightly smokey. Support the recovery of this endangered species, recover a lost piece of coffee heritage, and get the purest form of the unique Liberica coffee experience.

A note on roast: this crop really shines, with incredible aroma and intense flavor, at a slightly lighter roast (City) than we used to use (Medium). We were surprised, because normally a light roast is missing some elements, but we believe in letting a coffee follow its heart!

Click here to learn more about Liberica.

Liberica bag Rare Liberica Beans

Liberica and Sumatra Lintong Blend - "Lenberica"

Unique hand-blended combination of Liberica and Sumatra Lintong, created by Len, our owner, and named for him.

Lintong is Arabica coffee grown in the Lintong region of Sumatra. Just south of lush Lake Tahoe, this region combines moisture, high altitude, sunshine and good winds into a perfect growing environment. The premium quality Arabica is made unique by the traditional "curing" process that takes place during a three-stage drying cycle and results in an extremely smooth and flavorful profile. This coffee requires a delicate touch when roasting, so we have established a relationship with a local roaster for the best combination of skill and freshness.

Together, these two coffees complement each other into an extraordinarily aromatic and well-rounded coffee with much enhanced versatility: it can be brewed in any method including espresso, and is wonderful hot or cold.

Liberica and Lintong Blend - "Lenberica"

Traditional Batak house in the Lintong coffee region
overlooking Lake Toba

Green, Unroasted Liberica Beans

Home roasters: Try Liberica in your own roaster! 1 lb, our vacuum-pack.

Unroasted (Green) Liberica Coffee

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Philippine Liberica Beans Unroasted Philippine Liberica Beans Unroasted