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Fresh-Roasted Blends by Heirloom Coffee

NEW: "Amorata" Low-Caffeine Coffee

"Amorata" Low-Caffeine Coffee
- special intro price!


Passiona lovers, grieve no longer!

Our jaws hit the floor when we heard Trung Nguyen was discontinuing Passiona several months ago. The natural low-caffeine coffee was one of our most popular and unique coffees, a favorite both with fans and here in the office. There was a wailing and gnashing of teeth. Lamentations were sung.

Once we got that our of our system, though, we started working on creating a new coffee that we hope will fill the void left by Passiona. We can't get the same exact beans Trung Nguyen used to use, so we will never be able to perfectly replicate Passiona, but we hope you will give our new Amorata a chance!

We have been working on two formulae, one to replace Passiona (a chocolatey Vietnamese profile) and the other to have a Central American, more standard flavor profile.

Amorata Vietnamese coffee is blended from our Indochine Estate Bourbon Arabica plus two specially-sourced decaffeinated coffees. To be a "low caffeine coffee" like Passiona, we look for about 30-40 milligrams per cup (as opposed to 120 milligrams in most coffee-shop coffees). This is the caffeine level of oolong or black tea.

Flavor profile: Chocolate tones, strong taste with typical Robusta-style flair expected of Vietnamese coffee. Great with sweetened condensed milk, hot or iced. Brews well in Phin filter, Coffee Press, or drip machine.

Amorata American is blended with Central American coffees, our absolute best Costa Rica beans with the new El Recreo Nicaragua regular and Swiss Water Process decaf coffee.

Flavor profile: Caramel profile, smooth, buttery taste, brown sugar notes, in a darker roast. Broad palate appeal and nice persistence of taste. This crowd pleaser is excellent for homes or offices where people with all different palate preferences will be thrilled to realize they can enjoy the full taste of a coffee that has only 1/3 of the usual caffeine.

Enjoy drinking more fabulous-tasting coffee with less caffeine! What's not to love?

Jump Start Coffee

Buon Me Thuot Special

Jump Start Coffee


Just in time for the unwelcome return of the school-day alarm clock, we have created a perfect morning blend for you!

Most "breakfast blend" coffees have a normal amount of caffeine, and try to wake you up with flavor alone. That's nice, but let's be honest: we need a little extra kick in the morning sometimes.

Our new Jump Start coffee contains a high percentage of organic, shade-grown Philippines Robusta peaberries. Robusta is naturally higher in caffeine than Arabica, meaning a cup of this coffee contains 20% more caffeine than a cup of straight Arabica coffee, without any artificial additives.

To give you that extra flavor punch we need in the mornings, when our taste buds are still sleepy, the rest of the blend consists of intensely aromatic Philippines Liberica and richly flavorful Sumatra Gayo Arabica.

Jump Start breakfast blend coffee

Jerome Street Blend

Our Headquarters at 9 Jerome Street

Jerome Street Blend


Jerome Street Blend gets its name from the address of our warehouse, where Len brews up fresh coffee every day for himself, our workers, and any guests who come to visit. We're normally very eclectic in our tastes, but Len found himself brewing the same blend over and over again, and serving it to rave reviews... so we decided to make this "house blend" fresh roasted coffee available to everyone!

Jerome Street Blend is made from three regional "bests":
- Sumatra Lintong Arabica forms the base with caramel-floral notes
- 20% Dalat Peaberry Robusta reaches the back palate and adds chocolatey smoothness
- 25% Philippines Liberica gives it an incredible aroma

The result is an exceptionally well-rounded coffee with excellent aroma. We find ourselves cradling the cup to relish the "nose" of complex aromas as enjoyable as the full-palate taste. It's also a low acid coffee that is very easy to drink, even black! A great choice for serving to guests. Good hot or iced; stores well in the fridge for turning into iced coffee later.

Lintong coffee beans
Lintong Arabica beans
robusta coffee beans
Dalat Robusta beans
Rare Liberica Beans
Liberica beans

Vietnamese Dalat Paradise Blend

Town in the Dalat Central Highlands
Town in the Central Dalat Highlands region
showing coffee terraces in background

Paradise Blend: Dalat Arabica, peaberry Robusta and Excelsa


This artful coffee blend has a base of Indochine Estates heirloom Bourbon Arabica beans, a special heirloom species of Arabica that has been pampered on their family estate farms in Dalat for multiple generations. These beans have a delicious buttery caramel taste that is very distinct, and a wonderful 'classic coffee' aroma that fill the kitchen with that scent we love. We then blend in about 25% Dalat Robusta peaberries to give the coffee amazing body and fullness, as well as improving the crema when brewed as espresso. These peaberry beans are the source of much of the chocolate tone you see in Vietnamese coffee. They are gorgeous beans, round and "robust" and full of flavor. We then add 15% Excelsa (known in Vietnam as "Chari"), a distinct species of coffee that stimulates the middle and sides of the palate, giving the blend a full-bodied balance that is unexcelled. Buon Me Thuot region Excelsa is one of the trademark coffees used in traditional Vietnamese blends enjoyed as Café Sua Da.

This traditional blend also brews well in any drip machine, pourover, or French Press, and makes an excellent espresso, with a perfect ratio of brightness, sharp initial impression, full body, and strong taste retention. If intended as espresso, please choose whole bean and grind to your preference.
Key notes: Caramel, butter, milk chocolate, "classic coffee" aroma.

Dalat Blends

Liberica Barako Blend

Philippines rice terraces

Liberica Barako Blend


This carefully blended combination of three exotic coffee varieties is designed specifically to enhance all the best features of Liberica, while making it more accessible and appealing to a wider variety of American palates. "Barako" is the name of the Liberica varietal grown in the Philippines, and can also refer to the tough mountain men who gather wild-growing Liberica coffee.

The dramatic, room-filling aroma of Liberica is balanced by the full body of one of our favorite "mixing" coffees, Vietnamese Excelsa, and the addition of Philippines Robusta rounds out the taste. The result is greater than the sum of its parts. The actual ratio is 25% Excelsa, 15% Philippines Robusta, and 60% Liberica.

Liberica is a rare variety of coffee, the rarest species in production, and very distinctive. So distinctive, in fact, that some people find it an acquired taste. That's why we recommend that you try a blend first. This is our first blend designed specifically to showcase Liberica's best features.

Rare Liberica Beans
Liberica beans
excelsa coffee beans
Excelsa beans
bantai robusta coffee beans
Philippines Robusta beans

Single-Source Fresh-Roasted Coffees

Sumatra Gayo Arabica

Lake in Gayo Mountain Range

Sumatra Gayo Arabica


This extraordinary export from the Aceh region is a quintessential example of Gayo coffee. The wet-hulled, sun-dried process creates an earthy, complex flavor profile that is unlike any other coffee. The Gayo is sharper and brighter than our Lintong and makes an excellent espresso base. Whereas Lintong has a warm, compelling aroma, the Gayo is bold and assertive, with none of the muddiness that tends to characterize Mandheling. This is an excellent choice if you love the Sumatra profile and want to try a very clean sun-dried, wet-hulled coffee.

Sumatra Gayo Arabica roasted beans

Sumatra Lintong
- Rare varietal

Island of Sumatra, Lake Toba region
Traditional Batak house in the Lintong coffee region
overlooking Lake Toba

An exciting new addition to our heirloom coffee selection, this Arabica has a fantastic aroma and smooth, low-acid taste that nonetheless has the desirable "edge" that sharpens the palate. When ground fine, it makes a really exceptional espresso, all intense flavor with no trade-offs. (Although, as is generally the case with Arabica, it produces only a thin layer of crema.)

The island of Sumatra has a unique geography, featuring high plateaus with steep drop-offs to the ocean. The combination supports several prized heirloom varieties of coffee, including this Arabica from the Lintong growing region located near Lake Toba. Sumatra Lintong gains much of its unique character from its processing methods, which involve a partial wet-process followed by a three stage drying cycle which "cures" the unroasted bean.

True premium Lintong coffee is very difficult to secure right now. We have bought a supply of green, unroasted beans and formed a partnership with a local coffeehouse roaster, allowing us to roast the coffee as needed and allowing us to offer Lintong without fear of market fluctuations interrupting our supply. Lintong needs to be roasted with care, since the cured bean roasts to a slightly lighter color than other beans and requires a delicate touch; the result is extraordinary.

Sumatra Lintong

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Java Arabica Typica

The unique Java Pony is used extensively in mountain agriculture
The unique Java Pony, still
actively used in farming

The original Arabica variety, Arabica Typica is prized for its aroma and top notes. It is sometimes criticized for its high acidity, however, and since we're fans of low-acid coffee, we haven't offered much Typica in the past. Our new Java Arabica Typica has changed that! It delights the nose with all that is best about Typica - and yet it is lower in acid and fully of body than ordinary Typicas.

Java Arabica Typica


Java Typica

Vietnamese Excelsa Coffee

Vietnamese excelsa coffee region
Central Highland Coffee Plantation

Excelsa is one of the four remaining genetically distinct commercial species of coffee and accounts for about 7% of world coffee production. It is used in Vietnam as a blending coffee, being added to other varieties of coffee to add complexity and depth. It's a vital ingredient in Trung Nguyen's blended coffees, including the famous Gourmet Blend, Buon Me Thuot Special, and Creative Four.

Our Excelsa was grown on one of Indochine Estates' coffee farms in the Dalat Highlands area of Vietnam. They have been processed by the traditional sun-drying method made possible by Vietnam's reliably long, hot summer. This all-dry process is sometimes called a "honey" process.

Excelsa has a distinctive tart, fruity, dark, mysterious taste. In blends, it enhances the middle and back palate and lingering finish of the coffee, giving the cup more substance and power. Brewed on its own, it is a compelling and unique coffee experience, like a good Scotch.

People who like this often enjoy:

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  • Indochine Dark
  • Liberica

Vietnamese Excelsa Coffee

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Vietnamese Dalat Highland Peaberry Robusta

High altitude peaberry Robusta
Robusta growing in shade of avocado trees

Vietnamese Robusta is the secret ingredient in Italian espresso. Its lush body, chocolatey taste, and excellent aftertaste are a product of the rich soil in Vietnam, and the fact that they are able to sun-dry the coffee cherries, which develops Robusta's natural sweetness. This peaberry Robusta is almost entirely peaberries, extremely high-quality and hand graded, for the most complex and flavorful brew.

People who like this often enjoy:

  • Trung Nguyen Creative One
  • Indochine Dark
  • Highlands Traditional Blend

Dalat Highland Peaberry Robusta

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Organic Shade-Grown Philippines Robusta
- by Bantai, makers of Bantai Kopi Luwak

Mountain Province of the Luzon region, where the coffee is grown
The Mountain Province
where the park is located

Bantai Shade-Grown Robusta


Grown at high altitude under the shade of old-growth jungle, this Robusta will shatter all expectations with its depth and complexity. Growing Robusta this way is almost unheard-of, but the result is extraordinary. Low acidity and no bitterness make it easy to drink, too. Bantai is a coffee company that employs indigenous peoples to harvest the beans from wild trees growing in the national forest preserves of the Philippines, and supports local conservation efforts. This is the same ultra-premium Robusta that the Philippines civets turn into Bantai's kopi luwak. Key notes: Chocolate, vanilla, spice; surprising depth and richness.

Bantai Robusta bag

Costa Rica Tarrazu Region Arabica Blend

Costa Rica Regional (Multi-Source) Tarrazu Arabica


Our Terrazu Region Arabica Blend is a 100% Arabica coffee; "blend" refers to the fact that it is a combination of Arabicas from several small farms in the Tarrazu region. It is all high-altitude coffee in the best 10% of this growing region. They cup highly and earn praise from all sources.

The different terroir of the opposite sides of the peak definitely change the taste profile of the coffee, but there are more similarities than contrast.

This coffee has a slightly darker, earthier taste and broader sensitivity to the full palate, being a multi-source coffee. It costs a little less because there is more growing area surrounding the estate that on the estate itself, so it is simply more abundant and available than the limited volume produced by the estate itself.

Some people prefer the Estate coffee, some prefer the multi-source blend... but most people enjoy both!

Important Note on Roast:
These coffees are available in either Medium or Dark roast. With Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee, we have found that roasting to Medium produces an equally delicious but very different result from the Dark roast. At medium roast the pleasing caramel sweetness of the coffee is unexcelled. With darker roasts, the brown sugar tones give way to complex tones and a bolder edge.

For more information, visit our Roast Levels page.

El Recreo Nicaraguan Coffee

With a classic Central American profile, this coffee is very fragrant, lightly fruity, and has distinct buttery-sugar scent like a sweet roll. Perfect after dinner or for serving to guests.

Served with ice and creamer, this coffee takes on deep chocolate tones. An excellent candidate for serving Vietnamese style with condensed milk.

Rainforest Alliance

El Recreo Nicaraguan Coffee


El Recreo Nicaraguan coffee
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Gourmet Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee Sample Pack

This free gift includes 1 packet Passiona Sugar-Free G7, 2 packets Original G7, and 2 packets Pure Black G7 (a total of 5 items), with brewing instructions.

This sample is absolutely free, but the minimum order size of $10 still applies. Please note: We can only honor one free gift per order.

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Free G7 Instant Coffee Sample

  • Free Sample Pack: 1 packet Passiona G7, 2 packets Original G7, and 2 packets Pure Black G7
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G7 sampler pouch

Flower Oolong Tea

This top-quality Oolong tea is named Flower Oolong because it is composed of tightly hand-rolled tea buds, each containing two or three leaves. When brewed, they unfold, origami-like, into charming tea flowers floating in a lovely jade-green cup. This is 100% oolong tea leaves (no literal "flowers" - it's just a description).

We're offering this as a free sample now because we want to be sure everyone can try it. It's that good! Smooth, free of astringency and very easy to drink, with a full flavor that invites a second cup. Minimally processed and thus "fresher" in taste than Chinese oolong.

This sample contains enough loose-leaf tea to brew two cups. It is absolutely free, but the minimum order size of $10 still applies. Please note: We can only honor one free gift per order.

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Flower Oolong Tea

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Flower oolong tea leaves