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This page is your chance to save money on coffees, teas, and accessories, and see new items. We run specials for several reasons; often, we just want to make it easy to try a new product, so we offer it at a special intro price. Other times, the vaguaries of international shipping have left us with an overstock and we'll offer bulk pricing on one of our fine coffees. Sometimes, we just go crazy and put something that's already popular and well-loved on sale, just to say thank you for being our customer!

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Truong Lam House Blend
- New brand! Special purchase and price.

Truong Lam House Blend

This is a quintessential Vietnamese house blend like a visitor might find at a sidewalk café in any Vietnamese town. It's a blend of multiple coffee species, like most of the best Vietnamese coffees, containing Buon Me Thuot Highlands Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa (on the label it says 'Cherry' but this is a transliteration of Chari, which is their word for Excelsa), with the delightful addition of Moka, a variety of Arabica with petite beans and a naturally chocolatey taste. The roast is a deep butter-roast, and the flavor is quite sweet, dark, and very full, with a pleasant bitter edge. It's especially good iced with milk and sugar in traditional Vietnamese iced coffee style. 500 gram (1.17 lb) bag, ground for Phin filter, French Press, cone-shaped drip machine and pour-over.

Truong Lam House Blend is available in limited quantities until we finish a distribution agreement that will enable us to to bring in larger quantities.

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Truong Lam House Blend

New! Vietnamese Coffee Kit: Gold Edition

Heirloom Coffe Tour

The Vietnamese Coffee Kit is one of our most popular items. It's perfect as a gift, but it's also great as a treat for yourself since, if you buy it without the gift-wrap, you save money by buying the kit instead of the components separately.

The Gold Edition was inspired by the ridiculously warm weather most of the nation has experienced. Here in New England we actually had to turn on the A/C! Needless to say, we knew the solution was to brew some delicious iced coffee. The Gold Edition Vietnamese Coffee Kit is also great hot, but it's ideal for brewing iced coffee in the Vietnamese style.

This kit contains:
- Instructions on brewing Vietnamese iced coffee
- 250g Indochine Gold Blend, one of our favorite medium-roasts to serve iced
- Longevity GOLD Extra-Creamy Sweetened Condensed Milk
- 2 Phin Coffee Filter/Brewers, so you can share with a friend
- Optional white box for gifting - PLUS, you save $4.55 off the retail price!

Vietnamese Coffee Kit: Gold Edition

  • Prefer whole bean coffee?


Tam Chau Jasmine Green Tea

This elegant green tea comes in a vacuum foil bag inside an attractive box. As with all our teas, it is minimally-processed and full of fresh green tea goodness. Its jasmine scent comes from real jasmine petals, which provides a subtle and natural aroma and lightly sweet flavor. The whole, tiny tea leaves' flavor is complex and rich while lightly acidic.

Tam Chau Jasmine Green Tea

  • 100g Box of Loose-Leaf Tea: $3.95
We're sorry, but Tam Chau has discontinued this tea and we cannot get any more of it.

Jasmine green tea box

Tam Chau Classic Green Tea

This elegant green tea comes in a vacuum foil bag inside an attractive box. As with all our teas, it is minimally-processed and full of fresh green tea goodness. The premium-quality baby tea leaves have a delicate flavor and are very aromatic and smooth.

Tam Chau Classic Green Tea

  • 100g Box of Loose-Leaf Tea: $2.95

It's back in stock! Just arrived.

green tea box